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vampyr game for pc

Overview of  vampyr game for pc

vampyr game is a vampyr video game player per phase, developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Focus Home Interactive. It was released Microsoft Windows for PC and PlayStation PS4, and Xbox One Xbox One in June 2018.
Linked to the events of the game character Jonathan Reid, a doctor who turned into a vampire, with his reconciles non-lethal because it is torn between Hippocrates department and bloodthirsty nature. Although some official battles are mandatory, but it can be avoided most of the battles and the player is not obliged to kill to finish the game.
You can use the Options dialog to catch prey to feed on them, restoring power and personal levels of lead top. The use of weapons and capabilities hacks while combating enemies. London as a fanciful world of semi-open consists of four provinces, which can all be destroyed based on the player's actions.
You can now download the game directly link or torrent links exist below.

requirements for vampyr game :

Operating system:  the Windows / Vista - / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (64bit)

RAM Ram: 8GB memory
Graphics card : 
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 / ATI Radeon R9 M295X or better
Memory card screen: 4GB
Processor:  the Intel ® Core the i5 4th the Gen / the AMD the A10 series . Or Better

Download vampyr pc game

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