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Serious Sam 3 BFE pc game free download

Overview of the game Serious Sam 3 BFE 

story  game Serious Sam 3 BFE,  was able to "Sam Stone" that his name etched in letters of gold in the world of video games being the only one who can eliminate his enemies innovative and distinctive ways , using an arsenal of weapons possessed by any other personal in the digital world, and he returned "Sam" again in the new part of Serious Sam 3 BFE to become more powerful and carry abandoning the old style , which rely on the run and avoid the face of enemies and dependent on the excitement as long as it Othvtna this game element.

The events revolve  game Serious Sam 3 BFE this time inearly period, specificallyperiod leading upeventsfirst part ofseries, but as mostus knowperiodtime does not havelowest impact onseries events in "Sam" continueswaywhatever the circumstances and destroys all tempted to prejudiceplanet.

Should the players as soon as you start playing the composition a huge arsenal of weapons to help "Sam" throughout his busy enemies and problems, and the fact that the shooting game of the game from the perspective of the first person this is a sponsor of possessing a huge array of weapons ranging from assault rifles, explosives and weapons of laser next to the huge weapons "Sam", which not fluent use one else, given the alien quality faced by "Sam" enemies The performance of weapons was not required by force, although this does not prevent a strong feeling that consists inside the players when shooting because of the wonderful sound effects and environments varied and full of detail the game where the availability of Alp Leah streets filled with rubble and strong lights to sunlight reflected on the impressive water surfaces apart from some minor technical errors.
Most levels of the game gives players great freedom of movement and the use of weapons, and each map has a great deal of secrets that must be on the player discovered because they beneficiary in his career, as containing rifles, armor, ammunition and some new weapons that do not own at the beginning of the game.

Whenever possessed weapons more the better as the enemies in the game does not finish almost, you will meet throughout the game different types in the shape, size and strength, but the most important enemies who have a difficult are fast jogging, creatures caecum skeletons, it is not limited to it on these qualities only from enemies but with more progress in the game will be present and other types of more powerful and violence, here plays a weapons prominent role every weapon can eliminate a certain type of enemies effectively and fast unlike other weapons, and change weapons during the clashes gives you an advantage in eliminating enemies faster.

Some may feel bored in the early stages of the game but continue to play will start the game gradually to reignite enthusiasm and excitement so that you can not stop playing like you are inside the action film is a Hollywood star starring role in it, and despite the game's dependence on sprinting in most moments, but this does not lose their luggage.

Provide  game Serious Sam 3 BFE  pattern play cooperatively supports up to 4 players with a screen split feature, and other style special playing across the network supports up to 16 players in both developed the story or developed survival , which owns three separate maps, this fun style is available through competitions with your friends by killing each other or killing virtual personalities, located in the speed of this type has great fun but few players who play this

Recommended system requirements:

  • 2.0 GHz processor
    RAM 2 GB
    Graphics card 480 MB

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