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Horror game out last for pc

Overview horror game out last 
start events game out last that you are going in order to discover that the clinic And what is happening where
you'll see monsters and Alahakonk them strong Ahjmtan of them and cause you to die an average of three attacks and some of them pulled up your head from his place !! Hide into cupboards or under tables in order to avoid these objects that Arhmh have no mind (remember you insane Bmsahh) anything is abnormal , it is normal to have such that disordered follow - screen TV scrambled stained with blood .. !! Or crazy hits a wall in his head over and over again .. !!The hardest thing in the game here Find all batteries in the middle of darkness! Sounds impossible, but you do not have a trick?! Of spam spirits attack  graphics in the game very well and the effects of the same blood pools of blood when walking and rain when you see the window and scattered body parts and pools of water in the sewers of the most beautiful Markit

But when proximity monsters graphics shamefully lacking accuracy , and the same was the next generation devices ..!The physical is very non - existent does not move anything from Astdam by only rare objects and when you look to see the journalist under my feet and feel that they are motivated by a different half of your body! It is incorrect - ordervoices: the voices of the game to another world the entire board of hell they are extremely frightening when prosecuting monsters you and make you nervous and stiffening fingers of your hands! When calm hear the voices of rain and lightning fall and sounds crazy speak with themselves  , the game contains a terrifying story of a court and sad and sounds freeze your heart and scenes disgusted carefully designed but short duration and no diversity with graphics good not stunning repeat of the beasts of the physical and the lack of

Operating requirements for the game out last:

Maximum System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows Vista / 7/8 x64 processor: the Intel ® Core 2 Quad processor @ 2.8 GHz is / the AMD Phenom ™ - II x4 @ 3.2 GHz is the RAM: 3 by Gb disk: 5 Gb space free video RAM: 1 Gb Video Card: nVidia GeForce GTX 460 / ATI Radeon HD 6850 sound Card: DirectX Compatible network: the Direct the X: 9.0c      


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