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Dynasty Warriors 9 game

 Dynasty Warriors 9 game overview:

Game Dynasty Warriors 9 Dynasty Warriors This version is the ninth of the Dynasty Warriors series, which is set in China, tells the story of the famous Three Kingdoms. For the first time in the history of the series open world game is linear story instead, which was issued on February 8, 2018 in Japan and China.

What distinguishes the game Dynasty Warriors 9 Dynasty Warriors Hee way are listed all the stories and all points of view and in a neutral made exploring the stories something more interesting than usually interesting, and often felt the desire to explore some of the events from the perspective of only other characters in order to understand the motives of the characters to make some decisions.
The additions that the game is available on the fighting system has renewed the traditional experience and have made the experience of the characters something fun.

requirements of  Dynasty Warriors 9 game:

Operating system:  the  Windows-7 64 - bit

RAM: Memory  6GB

Processor:  ® Core 2400 the i5

Graphics card:  the NVIDIA the GeForce the GTX 560 Ti / the ATI by Radeon the HD 7850

Memory card screen: 2GB

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