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download peazip software to compress computer files for free

download peazip software to compress computer files for free , download peazip software to compress computer files for free

download peazip software to compress computer files for 
free, helps you
PeaZip to compress all the files and also decompress the compressed files the software is one of the most powerful and best compression programs where by pressing all the files and reduce its size to take advantage of these files in many uses , including easy uploading to the Internet or stored on your computer a small area and others, the program can decode compressed files through other programs , such as Zip or Z7 or ARC and others with ease, and you can compact files to protect Using a password strong action to prevent hackers from seeing what they contain files, you can browse compressed files without having to open them and add or delete some files from the compressed files with the possibility of making sure there are no errors of files compressed easily, uses peazip software to decode the compression modern and sophisticated techniques files in compressing all files very easily as well as easy to decipher files and locate pressure both in the same place or other place within the computer, the software is easy to use, compact and compatible with versions of Windows different.
Program PeaZip now supports about 29 different languages in the program interface You can select your preferred language and use the program with ease and supports more than 150 file format for CD - ROM.
Of the most prominent features of the program  PeaZip

1. All compress files to reduce space and ease of emailing
2. decompress compressed files from programs 7Z, RAR, TAR and ZIP.
3. Encrypt and protect compressed files from hackers
4. The interface is simple and easy to deal with the program.

PeaZip 2017

Information for issuing computer software PeaZip
Software Version: PeaZip 6.4.0
Release Date: March 2017
Developer: Giorgio Tani
The program size: 6.67 MB
Language of software: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All Windows versions
Windows XP -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software License: Free

for free download

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