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download new internet browser SRWare Iron free

download new internet browser SRWare Iron free , download new internet browser SRWare Iron free

download new internet browser SRWare Iron free, is a 
browser SRWare Iron is the future browser thanks to its great capabilities and innovative features in addition to the elegant design, the program features high speed in Internet browsing as you can open many pages simultaneously without affecting the performance of your computer, the browser is open source , which makes it easy to download and install it on your computer and control browser settings, due to the high efficiency of the browser has won the admiration of millions of users around the world, retains a Browser to all sites that have been visited and also passwords for e - mail and Facebook for easy and fast use it again. 
Keep your browser on your privacy in the forces with the possibility to erase browsing traces as well as to deal with a lot of privacy problems facing many of the browsers famous and related Internet surfing, the program works to protect your computer while browsing the Internet from viruses , malware, spyware and hackers, similar to a browser to a large extent giant browser Google Chrome in the simple interface and high - speed Internet browsing.
 SRWare Iron

 Browser displays SRWare Iron all Internet sites where properly supports HTML and Css3  the language, you can see currency rates as well as currencies from the dollar to the conversion due to the browser containing the adapter currencies, the browser provides the ability to add your photo as a backdrop for the browser.

In the new version of SRWare Iron 57:
Flash automatically add the player with your browser
Fix errors to increase browsing speed
Support video playback  HTML5 
synchronization with devices in less time
Simple changes in the browser interface
Support play MP3 audio files pages HTML5-Audio 
solution backup problem  to 
improve the safety feature while browsing the websites of 
many security enhancements to speed surfing. 
Free and fast to open and browse websites 
improve and enhance safety

About Issuing  SRWare Iron computer
Software Version: SRWare Iron 57.0.3000.0
Release Date: March 2017
Developer: SRWare
The program size: 47.5 MB
Language of software: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All Windows versions
Windows 10 -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software License: Free 

for free download 

 from here - 32Bit 
from here - 64Bit

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