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wonderful shouts of nail polish for the year 2017

wonderful shouts of nail polish for the year 2017
was filled with last year , with many cries of bold and sometimes exotic nail polish such as nail made of feathers and nails or three - dimensional holograms and many others.
If you are interested in their last cries of beauty and would like to you to be always up-to-Fashion, Vakchwi us the latest 7 shouts of nail polish should Tgerbhe yourself in 2017.

Mirror Nails
Shout munkar mirrors or also known as Chrome Nails spread with the beginning of last year and will continue with us in 2017, so named because the nail polish gives nails a color reflective look like mirrors. This coating is available in varying Almitalik diverse are also available colored toenails powder in the market give this effect.


Chrome edges (French Theme)
If you are inclined to be more simple, you can adopt a shout chrome edges rather than paint your nails with this Theme fully along the lines of the French Fashion nail polish. In this way Stjmaan between modern and simple at the same time.

 Shattered Glass Nails
If you girls who are not afraid of daring, this is the style of nail polish best for you to apply it in 2017. Featuring this coating that gives your nails the effects of reflective light shall be in pieces of broken glass. Wondering about the correct way to apply this model on your nails? You can buy nail polish creates this effect automatically or implement your own home by installing scraps of cellophane paper reflector on your nails after placing the first layer of nail polish. Thbta slips of paper with nail polish transparent Lok lasts long.

Nail polish Hydrated
We know that this cry has spread widely in recent years , but still sits on the throne of Fashion nail polish this year. If you have not Tgerbhe before , this is the perfect time to experiment with new colors is shiny nail polish, or you can convert the nail polish illustrious Available to have a matte coating with simple steps may we talked about before.

Each fingernail color - all Zafar Bstyl!
No longer just common nail polish are all one color, but you can become a diversification in your nails colors such as a combination of two colors Mtnasagan or blending of different colors and graphics with a choice of degrees of nail polish in line with each other. In 2017 the development of this Fashion Theme appeared cry coloring each fingernail a different color and the introduction of graphics nail polish with it. Thy rein to your imagination and chromatic fingertips varying nail polish that fit your personality and reflect your taste.

Nails that take the form of almond
It knocked off the nail square and short on the throne of fashion for a long time where the nearest natural shape of the nail, but with the beginning of last year nails Fashion-shaped Lozi, the spire of the new'll find it months back an application by the writers, fashion and beauty Arabs Facebook Anstjeram.
If you are considering renewing the form of nails this year, Vvkra in a refined almond and use munkar glossy. But before you do I make sure that this figure will be matched with the shape of your fingertips .

Nails framework
This is a model of the cries of nail polish are also scattered in abundance this year and will be the nail polish color and paint the surrounding areas last nail color so that the frame him. This is characterized by the style that adds a bit of elegance and classic Atalaltk It is also suitable for parties.

Cries Nail 2017

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