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Way to unlock the phone when you forget the password - break the lock the phone system Android

Way to unlock the phone when you forget the password - break the lock the phone system Android

will look at this article on how to open the device as it forgot the security code (number or password for the user Protection) devices AndroidTM (smartphones and tablets) In another article , we will look at these steps for other devices such as the iPhone: -

complete the following steps to reset your device 's settings.

How Open Mobile if you forget your PIN

  1. Open the web browser, such as Internet Explorer, go to: Https://webmail.catholichealth.net
  2. Log on to your account.
  3. In the upper right corner, click on the arrow to the right of the display options for the drop-down menu, and then select See all options.
  4. The next screen offers features that enable you to take action on your account, including a review of the status of your mobile device, view by clicking on the phone (displayed by clicking on Phone), located in the options on the left side of the window.
  5. Tab displays all the phones that have been using e-mail during the present time specify the device to be.
  6. Click on the password recovery if available, this option, as it can not find this option see the following plan.
  7. Click on the Show Password restore If this option is available.
  8. It will display the password recovery.

remind :

The possibility of restoring the password may not be available for some devices as you have not had your application of the above, you can use the way that followed to restore your device settings: -

Follow the steps outlined below to reset your device.
  1. Disable the device driver (Power down / off) (which you can do from the lock screen), or by continuous pressure on the play button.
  2. Press the ramp audio and Akhvadh buttons and then pressing the start button phone.
  3. Keep clicking on all three buttons until the device to show your logo or symbol or phone company.
  4. When the icon appears on the screen after the logo, press the Home key (key 2 consists of 4 set of keys).
  5. Then the movement of the list, through the use of cutting and raising the voice sound buttons, until you find the tab (Data / Factory-Reset from the options) data / factory reset options flushed.
  6. Press the power key to reset the factory settings of the phone.

Important note:
When you reset the device will remove all data from the device and return it to the factory settings; this includes all the information, as well as all applications and personal information (including personal items such as photos, music, contacts, notes and messages). 

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