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The effect of tight clothes on the uterus

The effect of tight clothes on the uterus and the drawbacks

Tight clothes are always a subject of controversy revolved around him and a lot of discussions may you choose a tight clothes, but these kinds of clothes hurt the body because an effect on the uterus. Try to be tight clothes is the last option for you so as not to lead to pressure on the entire body throughout the day and have a lot of unhealthy influences are narrow suffocate the skin clothing throughout the day and other negative effects, such as varicose veins, cellulite genital infections.
The impact of tight clothes on the uterus 3

The impact of tight clothes on the uterus:

Recent medical studies have shown that wearing tight clothing during adolescence cause infections of endometriosis, a painful condition resulting in the end infertility, fertility decline, according to the expert, Professor John Dixon Doctor of the Institute of Preventive Medicine in the United Kingdom that the pressure caused by wear tight clothing leads to the pool and accumulation of cells in the lining of the uterus, causing inflammation of the uterus .zkr doctor John that this condition is common when you age, but other causes that lead to it have not been reached. He pointed out that the secret could be in how to find the tissue of the uterus and spread to other parts of the body such as the ovaries, where accumulates and causes severe pain even during the menstrual cycle and sometimes infertility.
And that the change resulting from the pressure of tight clothes strength gain momentum these cells allows them to get out of the uterus and assembled elsewhere. The doctor warns that the garments pose a great danger because of the pressure on the uterus near the ovaries and fallopian tubes. Even when you take off these clothes keeps the pressure for some time in the walls of the uterus thick and despite the decline in the fallopian tube, causes the cells went to the outside to reach the ovaries, adding retroactive effect is due to repeat this process. Continuation of this process after several years of puberty leads to the accumulation of cells.
Also, wear tight clothes and belt during the period of puberty to the lateral abdominal pain when wearing tight clothing during the menstrual cycle increases the risk of tight clothes and causing real inflammation of the lining of the uterus.
John Dankson said in an article published in the British Journal of Obstetrics The studies conducted to support this trend and warns of frequent wear tight clothing during adolescence so as not eventually lead to inflammation of the lining of the uterus.
Damages tight clothing on the body:
 Yeast Infections: yeast infectiona common infection today and showsymptoms and causesyeast infections with inflammationyeast infection. This disease occurs in most places susceptible to moisture inbody and hot. Yeast infections cause itching, tingling sensation, and often it's very frustrating. Itknown that one ofmain causes of yeast infections are tight pants.
Wear tight clothes regularly could create a problem of choking and breathing problems and severe sweating. You can this dizziness expire at the end. Therefore, you should avoid T
Tingling thigh:
Tingling thigh of the most common things because the syndrome is a form of neurological disorders. And occur when wearing tight because it is putting pressure on the nerves of the thighs, creating a tingling sensation and numbness Balkhdhir.
stomach ache :
Tight clothes stuck on your stomach and form the pressure it puts your stomach turn under severe pressure on your stomach. It can also happen acid reflux, which makes you feel intense burning and influencing the process of digestion. So, try not to wear dresses accompanied with belts so as not to constitute a pressure on your stomach.
Decrease in circulation :
Wear tight clothes can lead to slow blood circulation to the body. At an early stage of pregnancy when there are women in the expansion of blood vessels due to increased volume of blood that flows to the fetus. Therefore, women need to wear loose fitting clothes that allow the body stretch when filled with blood vessels, but when you wear tight clothes women can in this case suffer from the experience of low blood pressure easily when exposed to situations such as kneeling or sitting clothes are tight reduce blood circulation and creates numbness with tingling.
Heartburn :
Refer women Medical Center in California to wear tight clothes, especially when the center can lead to heartburn. Because heartburn problems are common problems in pregnancy. He spoke over the slow digestive system and the production of progesterone in the body during pregnancy. Where sit the contents of the food in the stomach longer. This causes the slow increase in the risk of the flow of content and filled in the abdomen and uterus to form the pressure on the bag of the fetus and thus heartburn occur.
Back pain :
Most women prefer to wear tight jeans , a low waist but wear these clothes is not good for us. Because Shorts low waist jeans is a pressure on the lower back muscles worker and restricts the movement of the hip bones. This causes a lot of pain and should be avoided completely stay out of this kind of clothing.

There are some other clothing that appear on the pregnant woman when wearing tight clothing such as back acne, headaches, blurred vision, although the forms of which are modern and sophisticated , but they are a danger to your health and give some potential risks to your health .daima tried to think twice before to choose clothes

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