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Symptoms of food poisoning and how to treat and prevent it

Symptoms of food poisoning and how to treat and prevent it

Learn the symptoms of food poisoning, treatment and how it avoided!

Did you know that the symptoms of nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps and diarrhea after eating a certain food , such as chicken, eggs, fish, sushi means that you may be infected with the status of food poisoning !

Doctors say that these symptoms often come a few hours after eating a contaminated meal, such as meat, eggs and rotten fish.

Treat food poisoning

The person who must feel these symptoms to have plenty of fluids, even compensate for the lost body salts and fluids, and are recommended as well as non-sufficient water, but on different types of hot herbs, as is preferred in this case, eating apples, bananas and black tea.

Should visit a doctor

In case if the symptoms persisted food poisoning during the three days that person must go directly to the nearest doctor, especially since the emergence of new symptoms such as fever or high body temperature and the presence of blood in the stool may indicate a greater problem of food poisoning .

Beware of food poisoning

It is worth mentioning that you should be cautious in dealing with a case of food poisoning in children and pregnant women as well as older people; because the deterioration of the health situation when these people is faster and has bad consequences.

Avoid food poisoning

For the prevention of food poisoning , we must all follow health guidelines such as washing hands thoroughly before preparing food and not cutting meat, fish , vegetables on the same cutting board, it must also be fried meat and fish before cooking long enough to kill potential pathogens

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