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rufus software to install a windows by usb

rufus software to install a windows by usb

rufus software to install a windows by usb , Rufus program is a simple and easy tool to install Windows by use USB , you can burn all types of operating systems from the flashes like Windows and Mac and Linux, the program is characterized by high speed in the operating system is installed on the computer without the need for CDs, DVD or CD only need a memory stick , despite the small size of the program, but it is very important in the establishment of the following cases USB disk is able to take off from ISO images or if you want to run a low-level tool or in shipping the BIOS or want to work on a system it has no , The program supports a lot of international languages such as German, English and French, built the program free stomping) DOS) system, which helps to create a bootable and operating a disk, the program is compatible with many Windows operating systems, light program and consumes little of the processor and memory resources

Explain tool: – First, you must download the program Rufus Officer for transferring files to a USB stick that you want to install Windows in which the process, then put the USB stick into a USB port, a window will appear as the following picture, you can adjust the important and necessary for the import version of your computer settings you and start racing in burning the USB stick

شرح برنامج Rufus

– Device is to select the USB stick, which was connected to your computer type, if the device is more than a memory stick by your choice of the appropriate USB stick and preferably be at least 8 GB.

– A sign of the cylinder when the pressure it brings access to existing files on your PC and must be ISO format or Image, and when you press the Start Rufus program starts to create your own USB stick and began to burn Windows on USB stick.
– Wait for a few minutes, and after the completion of Preparing the USB stick, you can install Windows with ease through the BOOT settings at the beginning of the device driver.
install Windows by useUSB with rufus software free download

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