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NX Power Lite desktop to compress all files free download

NX Power Lite desktop to compress all files free download

NX Power Lite desktop

NX Power Lite desktop to compress all files free download , NX Power Lite wonderful tool to compress the size of the files to occupy less space on your hard drive as easy to send to your friends process via e-mail or social networking sites, the program relies on modern technology is working to reduce the size of the common business documents, making it easier to manage, the program works on different operating systems such as Windows and Mac, the program by pressing the various files, whether the files were pdf oversize or Word or Excel or PowerPoint or JPEG files or TIFF to reduce its size and to provide more storage space, the program is characterized by maintaining the quality of the files that have been compressed, you can schedule files to be compressed to start one after the other In addition to the possibility of adjusting the time and date of the program began to run,
The program preserves the original file without changing the format’s all that has been done is to reduce the file size, program supports all devices that are running Windows, the program is characterized by simplicity and ease of use and great design also works in the background to improve the files automatically, the software contains powerful and fast tool based doing a comparison between the files on your computer and files after compression to see the amount of space that can be made available if you use a program that X-Port Lite, the program supports many of the GATT, such as French, Italian, English.

NXPowerLite Desktop
Software version: NXPowerLite Desktop 7.0.6
Release Date: August 2016
Developer: Neuxpower Solutions Ltd Program: Neuxpower.com official website
Program size: 23.3 MB
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: All Windows versions Windows XP -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: Trial
Download compress documents, photos NXPowerLite Desktop Program free download

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