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natural herb for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome

natural herb for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome

Many of us suffer from the pain of IBS and abdominal problems gases that cause a feeling of bloating and colic, which leads to poor digestion. And many wondering how to treat irritable bowel pain, so I will tell you today some natural recipes that will help significantly in the treatment of irritable bowel final and get rid of the nagging pain.
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First mixture for the treatment of irritable bowel natural herbal

Seed Qtona
Mix three teaspoons of seeds and Qtona Add them to 5 cups of water or juice or soup, a favorite for you. You can also add the seeds to Qtona salad or yogurt on a daily basis.
Note: you should drink plenty of water after eating Alqtona seeds.

Mix II for the treatment of irritable bowel herbs:
Blend mixture of thyme, chamomile, fennel, mint, caraway equal proportions and Eshrbhe like tea before eating twice a day before lunch and before dinner.
Important note: warns to use any of the previous recipes for pregnant women.

General tips and guidelines for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome:
- Eating foods rich in fiber such as fruits, vegetables, and eating green authorities.
- Avoid foods that cause the bulge, such as chickpeas, beans, lentils, and that the resultant gases cause indigestion.
- Do not over-coffee and tea intake.
- Stay away from eating various soft drinks because they contain carbon dioxide, which cause flatulence and digestive disorders.
- Stay away from sources of tension, anxiety and stress and fill the void in the entertaining and useful work times.
- Avoid fast food and fatty meals containing great spices and chili pickle quantities.
- Chewing food well and is slow to avoid the introduction of amounts of air while eating

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