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Light Image Resizer software for free download

Light Image Resizer software for free download

Light Image Resizer software a powerful and effective tool to resize images easy and simple way, you can change the size of images one by one or the size of the group photo changed at once with a single click, you can control the dimensions of the images to be reduced in size, the program supports a lot of different images are also allowed to convert image formats formats, the program is easy to take a copy of your own photos and keep them, the program relies on multi - core modern technology increases the speed of Shrink images while maintaining the quality, the program includes many filters that improve image quality, compression images and reduce its size easy to share photos via email and sites of different social networking, you can rename the pictures that have been resized, you can place watermarks on the images to protect and save them from theft and save property rights, you can convert your images from JPEG format to PDF format, the program is easy to use It has a distinctive interface you can re - design, the program allows adjusting the brightness and contrast and colors, you can preview images before saving the final form, the program offers several different tires for photos.

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Of the most prominent features of the program
1. Support work on the famous and well-known images such as jpg, png and gif and other formats 
2. Keep intellectual property rights through the watermark on images tool.
3. possibility of several images in and out at the same time.
4. maintaining the quality of images that have been miniaturized.

About software version  Light Image Resizer
Software version: Light Image Resizer
Year of release: February 2017
Developer: ObviousIdea
Program size: 6.38 Mb
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: All Windows versions
  Windows 10- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: free for download

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