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How to solve the problem of bedwetting in children

How to solve the problem of bedwetting in children

One of the problems that plague parents and children in general is a problem enuresis the child's when he urinated on himself unintentionally night he wakes up in the morning on his psychological condition is very bad, and of course the parents are suffering greatly from the change him and mattresses its own after his sleep, one of the big problems for each family around the world and here we must get rid of them quickly with these effective natural tips
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French recipe to get rid of the child urinate at night

Recipe walnut oil, one of the French recipes which are used in Bergurak region of France just evaluating Madam giving the child a piece of bread and sprinkled them walnut oil for up to two weeks and Stagdi problem completely finished, God willing,

It is important to deal with the child's psyche properly

Not Theloma your child on what happened when Tlomeh and be angry it and you explain to him that he could be back on the child hurt in the mental state more than it is because Womack him leads him to psychological pressure on him more, which makes it increasingly more must be my understanding that the occurrence of enuresis the child is beyond his control completely and must try to understand it's just a matter of time completely and will end just does not Tzjeeh not Tlomeh better yet is that the thinking in the solution of the family or even a physician and his patience must always my understanding your child that he is not alone to suffer from this problem and all children from around the world in the age of the others were urinating on themselves during sleep but just try to help ourselves to get rid of them completely

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