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How to say for her i love you

How to say for her I love you

lot of people fall in love it does not know how to tell the people love him and like him, a magazine of social life offered to you after the solutions and answers about how to tell her I love you , and how to express to him your love, we have the answer to the following question: how to say I love you for her

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The fundamental problem faced by a lot of people, especially adolescents; the problem is falling in love with a certain person; they do not know how Abouhon him this love, so love to eat them like fire inside them, which is not something that keeps them alive among us. When there is this problem with any human being; he must be asking himself first, do I really love this person; or that the matter boils Liked? The answer to this question must be an honest man for himself, he does not lie to one only on himself, he was sure that his feelings are genuine feelings of love; it comes the most important question, and the most difficult, do you love me is? The problem does not lie in how to recognize a person for his love, but the problem to admit him, the other party was not reciprocated the same feelings; will feel Bmzlh beyond humiliating; and have his world has ended has at this point.

In the beginning; he tried to know the truth about her feelings toward you, girl who will not recognize you with her love whatever the depth and owned them, but they will send you signals you have to use your intelligence to understand it, and the key word here is "intelligent", do not misunderstand signals; they do not think that the movement or speech utter it is a reference to you; they do not explain the movements as a signal you are not. He followed her movements and speech with you and those around them; so you know the nature of their movements and can distinguish what instructions if different movements and signals with you. For example, the way her words, if you notice that it speaks to you in a different way except you; or she likes to talk with you you're particular, be aware of the way while she is seated, The girl rested Bjlosha with the one you love, notice the way while she is seated with her friends and compare it to the way while she is seated with you, watch out for her; if it wearing something beautiful and unique every time they meet them; they are referring to you and you have to understand in living well. Pick up the signals your intelligence and work out, the final conclusion was the same feeling as your exchange; Here begin the decisive phase.

Is not easy for the young man to advance from a girl to admit his love to her, whatever we talked about this issue; we will find that in loving more complex and more difficult, he wants next to him and he can not lose, do not want to go away from it, he wants to tell her the reality of his feelings, but is afraid of Rose do. I must know my feeling towards it; but I'm afraid to tell her. A vicious cycle of thinking and decisions, none of which is connected to a proper solution of the problem, and the result lies in the decision to tell her his love at all costs this. Should the young man knows the right time, who can tell her the truth about his feelings, do not choose a time when to be angry girl or going through a bad mood, but it should be in their natural state of happiness and psychological comfort. Choose the location carefully, The place, which suggests romance better than a public park to recognize the fact that your sweetheart for your feelings, flavorful good clothes on this day, try not to be banal and grandiose, be natural. Roryh spoke quietly, do not rush does not stop, moments of love does not come by the war and stillness, but confident steps in a row, do not try to rush the words to come out from between your lips, let it find its way Ptlqaih. If you completed your task and found that the girl was living in shock or disbelief; Eyak and Tstjlha, be gentle with her you love her, let her think about it and replace her, tell her you know the gravity of your words on her feelings; and you do not want to rush, let her think and it does not affect their thinking in any way. The answer may well be present ones, shall be waiting for you the moment you recognize her love for another tend resist mask has reveal to you her love.

If the answer is negative; do not let this destroy you or Ergek back at your life, Love is a decision an agreement between the parties, if it is accepted by one of them will not, go ahead in your life do not feel humiliation not offended, but I know you made a mistake and learn from this mistake; even Do not be repeated again in the future, failure to try is to bring success to the wise. 

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