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how to Measure the speed of the Internet

Measure the speed of the Internet

Internet speed is an indication of the quality of the performance of Internet communication is based mainly on the number of bytes transmitted from the user's computer to the Internet (upload), and from the Internet to the user's PC (download) per unit time. Internet speed is measured to determine whether the second bps and bit is the smallest unit of measurement data and digital means either 1 or 0. To measure the speed of the Internet we use multiples of this unit, such as kbps Kbps and Kilo bits equal to 1024 bits, mega bits per second Mbps and Mega equal to 1024 kilo, Giga bits per second Gbps and Algija equal to 1024 Mega, and usually the speed of the Internet at home Balmija measured in bits per second.
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Measure the speed of the Internet is not as difficult as imagined by some simple Vbouktoat users can then know what the speed of the Internet in his computer anyway, and vary the real speed of the Internet for internal network that appear through the network icon in the taskbar, and some Internet users do not know the difference between the speed, The speed of the internal network is the speed of data access from home router internal to the user's PC The speed of the Internet user are outside your Internet connection speed.

A lot of people can not measure the speed they connect to the Internet to see if they are getting the full speed that is supposed to they receive in exchange for what they pay, or whether they are exposed to the deception by Internet companies, and in this article we'll show a simple way to know the real speed of the Internet through some sites that offer that service.

Steps to measure the speed of the Internet

  • On to the following website link www.speedtest.net , one of the most famous sites in the most accurate and give a closer measure of the speed of our contact with the Internet.
  • After entering the site put pressure on BEGIN TEST.
  • Wait a little bit until it is finished to bring all our contact information quickly to the Internet.
  • After the completion of the examination information shows us quickly connect and download speed download and upload speed lift.
  • To know the speed of the Internet on your smartphone:
    • Download Speed ​​Test program through Alttiqat google play store or Apple Store.
    • After the download is completed we enter into the application and put pressure on Begin Test to start measuring the speed of our contact with the Internet.

It is worth mentioning here that the difference between download speed that appears when we download any software from the Internet download manger, for example, and between the measurement speed that we measured in previous methods, is that the download speed displayed by the user's computer when downloading any program to be in bytes byte ie equivalent to 8 bits, while the Internet offered by Internet companies that speed is decided by the difference here is the use of the unit of measurement only.

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