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How to make your child acquires good behavior

How to make your child acquires good behavior

Child always and never looked to his parents that they ideal example that should be emulated throughout his life so that he can access to what he sees now, but you have to Tstgla being a role model for your child and Tsaeidih in building his own personality, in accordance with the customs and traditions of good, which claim planted in your child without noticing so in a way to make it listener including Atlguen of the habits and behaviors rejoice when Iqldk out

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Small successes increase the confidence in himself

Start with your child from an early age that there will be a weekly activity ask him any such activity proficiency sports game useful or draw something that you see he has the talent or anything else, and the more successful in this small you activities that whole heartedly always and never even feel he is capable of success this it increases the confidence in himself and what he is able to accomplish

Cleaning and arrangement of the wonderful traditions

IF YOU are looking for the customs and values ​​that Talmiha for your child will not do any better than the cleanliness and order in the your child clean in his person and his salary in his public in this way it will be the successful person by a large margin, but you Tbdia taught hygiene and arrangement gradually do not expect from your preschooler after spending the entire his day in playing to clean up the room after the completion of the play, but you have to get him help at the beginning of it to return to play its own into place or help in the collection of soiled clothes and throw in the laundry basket and repeating these acts will get used to clean and arrange all that it involves matters with offer at the age


The extent of your daily activity helps your child

Try to always and never Being active mother who pays her to exercise since childhood should granulosity in some kind of sport and begin it early, when sees Tlaobeinh Hate or Tagafzan cord day in the morning or do you go out to run all of these things help him to abandon the electronic life in which we live and enjoy a wonderful deal of vigor and vitality it learns from you

And your parents are not heroes

Of the most important values ​​that should be known to the child try TO MAKE your child understands that you are a child in the day and that everything you're doing and the tariff of information but it is going have Tamutaih step by step in order to increase self

As all teachers say the school that the child mirror his family not only because in most of the times, it is the outer shape is like a mom or dad, but because it is a reflection of their behavior and upbringing of a child is always and never looked to his parents that they ideal example that should be emulated throughout his life until succeed

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