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How to know the poisonous insects

How to know the poisonous insects

poisonous insects are a kind of insects that may cause irreparable damage to humans or other organisms. Different types of insects in the environment are deployed around the mismatch peaceful and even peaceful onesNzaigah Feldgna including insects that do not hesitate to bite anyone find him in front of her, for example , and vary stingray insects between poisonous insects or non-toxic, the sting is toxic to cause a sense of stinging itching, redness and pain in the skin and the worst case is simple inflammation, rest a little and then go, but insects toxic It is being broadcast poison in the flesh through stings and be labeled stronger than that borne by the body collapses dead in some cases, the use of insects and some reptiles poison line defense and protection against enemies and threaten her life and her offspring and the lives of her children, animals or insects that Tkprha larger and superior strength, as well as they using poison to catch Pferaisha to provide for herself and her children to adequate food and the fact that some insects stingray non-toxic does not mean that you become immune to it, Veldgh insect non-toxic thing piled whole group of those insect you something else. some may lead to death due to an overdose of secretions during the Dgha is yours.

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Poisonous insects: adequate information about

1 kinds of poisonous insects

Poisonous insects spread all over the world vary between full-toxic or other such types of types of poison, including the non-toxic, of the most famous poisonous insects are spiders and consists species of spiders from several toxic species arise by toxicity most dangerous of all is the spider Brazilian where enough small amount of it is millis grams to kill a large rat and stinger be strong so they kill a human in minutes, followed by a black widow spider famous nicknamed by that name because it kills the male after mating and of course they are carrying poison fatal and Dgadtha, spider Australia's most famous our form is the first form comes to our imagination when talk about spiders, poisonous insects, it is so full of spider covered with a layer of thick brown or black hair and legs look short, deadly stinger and more influence on the children.

2 ant poison

Ants insects familiar we often do not constitute the presence of ants a threat only spoil foods and non- proliferation is granular in some homes, and rarely cause ant in the sting that is, they do not attack you headed for abuse, but may get lost in the folds of your clothes Vtdza and Tldgk, but on the other hand , some species of ants most different from the usual tiny ants that we see vary, but types and sizes are different and vary colors and introduces some of the list of poisonous insects, fire ants of the most popular types of ant poison and consists of a large number of species and the whole toxic alike, feeds it ants on plants and seeds and what is available to him to kill him other insects, reptiles , where he could kill one of the reptiles in any size min, the injection of alkaline substance toxic inside the body that attack him and cause a feature to die often, black ants from ant poison spread in the Arabian Peninsula cause bites him in allergy symptoms in each body and its effect may become deadly when exposure to more than one bite, the next Ant or the next bug from the list of poisonous insects which feed on the blood of other living beings and through absorbed blood broadcast poison in the organism of crippled or killed sometimes, vampire else! Ants recruiter another type of ant fierce danger lies not in the SMH as it lies in Edath unequivocal, as it is known for constant movement and fierce temper and attack him , but that moves around it and eliminate it without thinking.

3 wasps toxic

Some are unable to differentiate between wasps and bees, a private is common if you were not a specialist or a wide culture of insects and then I saw one of them in front of you Vtadz for the distinction between him and the Bee, if the importance of the bee is to pollinate flowers and making honey Wasps have other important in terms of getting rid of pests agricultural, but some types of wasps graduated from the list of wasps peaceful for the intervention of our list for poisonous insects, the most famous and largest of which is the Asian Hornet giant is the largest wasp on the surface of the earth and his name is distinguished in the Asian country, whether living in groups or alone wasps are not offensive insects but while attacking jeopardize or provocation, and become toxic and deadly Dgadtha often there's even a global statistics registered to count resulting from Dgadtha deaths.

4 bees Africa

Insect African habitat join the list of poisonous insects we have, it is known that the bee stings painful and cause redness and swelling like other bites but bee stings Africa the highest mortality rate in Africa from the bites of poisonous insects, and most have caused the fact that bees Easy excitement and provocation from less reason Verajm and it kills!

5 scorpions

Kings of the poison in the wild stay with the end of the poisonous insects, scorpions! Greatest kings of the night scariest and toxicity to humans and other animals so that the poison could kill some strong horsepower and overcomes the venom of some snakes , sold scorpion venom at 200 times the price of the snake venom of high value! Most scorpions , poisonous where the advantage of the structure is weak and the loss of the senses of sight, smell, hearing it is considered cm tail and its means of defense stronger and more dangerous, the more weakness Scorpio structure , the more the power of SMH, dangerous and effectiveness, uses Scorpion SMH to numb the prey and the effect on the nervous apparatus until it stops her heart and her breathing and else crow is a way of the ugliest methods of death, as well as it feeds on the children of sex and spiders from his platoon and many other reptiles, some toxins scorpions little more than cause fever, allergies and , of course , impact the degree varies according to different patient age and the amount of poison injected him, others deadly and lethal kills its prey none its size in just a few minutes.

6 cure poisonous bites

Vaccines and antidotes in hospitals are first and prompt treatment of those bites, when a person is exposed to the bite of an insect know as toxic and well-known toxicity in that region or begins to feel symptoms Caldoar and difficulty in breathing should be taken to the hospital as soon as possible to receive appropriate antibiotics is best that the stinger with him taken to facilitate the process of selecting the counter on the doctors and treat the person as soon as possible, and some bites cause disease transmission after antiretroviral therapy is the treatment of toxins a person from infection that moved him.

7 prevention

Prevention, especially in places where there are common, whether you're a resident of those areas or arrivals in the visit or tourism is the serums and vaccines that provide the body immunity against most of them and protects them from harm and their effects, and in each country where the poisonous insects spread find people the means to protect their homes poisonous insects and themselves from the insects and expulsion away from them so as not to subject them in Mnamanm or Tldghm Unthinking them, personal hygiene and cleanliness of the house and keep the leftover food from the reach of the insects so keep away, as well as stay away from insects gatherings and not harass or provoke it so as not to be attacked and Tldgk.
Insect world world wide and large and even Bomaha Labelling they do not use poison pleasure in hurting others and it means God has endowed to maintain her sex and her offspring and protect their homes and provide food for her group, The Salmnahm Slmnahm but we go beyond them and their regions and their homes and Nhddhm, so we can not blame them when they dedicate to defend themselves

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