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How to help your child to talk

How to help your child to talk and pronunciation fluent

suffering from slurred speech child out of every 20 children in the age of 2-4 years, lurking behind the reasons for this are unknown, but at least we know that the parents did not cause them this problem, when the child speaks a different way cause shocked parents, sometimes the child completely attached and this may be painful because the parents feel helpless and wonder, has this situation become more difficult in some periods, and that the situation can be up to an inability to speak , too. So today we offer you the best ways to solve a problem when you talk to the kids and the most important tips that should be taken:

We recommend parents here to take the child to a speech therapist as soon as possible, curative speech difficulties when specialist effectiveness of a child of every three children proved before the age of five, and that the child will need to treat and evaluate continuously until his condition improved, and ask you today some of the ways to communicate with children, which It may help in the development of pronunciation skills they have, which is also useful for members of your family and friends
Tips Help for parents:
-azar Your kids interest in what they say and not in a way saying, and try to maintain eye contact when faced with the difficulty of talking, but does not complete his term with him, because that might Eshetth.
-kn Supportive of him, and deal with the difficult problem of pronunciation like any other child of them may suffer, and to avoid reference to the difficulty of pronunciation Kallosmh so your child does not feel the criticism.
- If you talk fast, slower pace and you talk to them and ask them to speak carefully and start again with a deep breath or to stop for a few seconds before answering the question or even help him not to feel panicked.
-kn Encouraging If your child feels bad about his problem, you may say to him, "Do not worry, talk may be difficult sometimes when we are trying to learn."
-racb Your child how to speak, but do not think about it as a problem, not because of Vallosmh parents but concern may be transmitted to the child who may feel that they do something wrong.
-thdt With your child and be next to him and tried directing play or talk about things Qmtma them together and not things of the past or plans for the future.
- Reduce the number of questions directed to him, and give it enough time to answer the question by asking another, this method will reduce the sense of pressure and stress, and try to make it short and simple your terms rather than questions, comment on what your child is saying even knows you listener him.
-tnoboa Talking so that every member of the family to speak in turn Espbwa without interrupting the child.
-tjob With your child's behavior the same way that it will respond with a child who does not stutter, like any other child needs discipline and guidance.
-haol To avoid the complex and chaotic lifestyle, because Allosmh may increase when your child is tired, Adjustment and routine at home or in nursery helps the child get rid of Allosmh and get enough sleep

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