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How to get a work or job in the first interview

How to get a work or job in the first interview

Asking questions is one of the most important elements in a job interview, so watch out for asking those questions as they make the employee and selection of staff and avoids choice or harder for you to position more so that you want to get the job to avoid the following questions, and how continued beyond the work and get the interview Position through magazine social life, how to get to work or job
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1. How will pay me? Are there any benefits or special advantages? How is the amount of paid vacations?
Do not mention things like your salary or benefits, benefits or paid vacations only after you are accepted injobonly time it is appropriateittalk about these things is whenLord comeswork onmentioned personin many cases they must havesensescopesalaries expected forjob made it throughofficial publicationvacant positions.
Ask these questions early to suggest to the employer that you are thinking like you've already got the job, and this may give you a bad impression which reduces your chances of getting the job.
2. Is it permissible for me to be late for work or Get out early on by my desire?
Ask this particular question early ininterview stage makesemployer thinksyou will putpersonal needs aboveneedscompany.
Your boss realizes mostly how important balance between work and personal life, but you do not have to declare that "I needed to leave work early to pick up my child from kindergarten." Instead, your mention some basic facts about your life during your conversation with him, and that you may understand them himself We need to leave early.
3. Are you doing background checks for job applicants?
Whenapply forjobshould be sure that allrecords and accounts on social media appropriate to undergoreviewyour employerfuture.
If you ask your boss whether he was doing investigations for applicants for the job you suggest to him as if you have something to hide, which would make him suspicious and reduces your chances of getting the job.
4. What is the size of this company? Who are your competitors?
In job interviews Never askquestion youknowanswer by searching in Google, FRP work youexpected to knowlot of information aboutcompany you are applying to work on.
So Prepare yourself before the interview by searching for the available information about the company and when the interview then ask for one of their new products or Pthnithm their prize at the last it will raise admiration.
5. When staff usually gets promotions?
Ask this question will make you look rude and thus reduces the likelihoodappointment, and if this informationimportantyou to find out whetherstaff was able to advance in the company or not, tryask the question toemployer"How do you measuresuccessyour employees?" And will give youanswer reference appropriate forsystem upgrade incompany and Toukatadth.
6. Can I get my own office?
Although the workspace may beimportant part of your jobbut the questionnot correct in her interviews stagethrew down this question may giveimpression that owning your own office ismajor factor in your requirements to find a job, which shows that your priorities illogical.
7. Nothing
notask any question at all is oneworst behaviors that might make ininterview where Tzhrk like younot interested or excitedboth for job or company

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