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How to get rid of a headache by 5 drinks

How to get rid of a headache by 5 drinks

5 drinks save you from headaches final

Headaches more problems that bother human, and frequently this feeling with constant exhaustion or exposure to a disease such as influenza or sinuses.
, are a range of treatments and home ways to help get rid of headaches .. they

rosemary and thyme
are considered treatment is very effective in getting rid of a headache, as the two anti-inflammatory properties that relieve pain right away, you can drink herbal tea made from a mixture of rosemary and thyme to relieve headaches, as you can a few drops of thyme or rosemary oil on your forehead and massage gently until absorbed put the oil in the skin, then sit quietly for a few minutes.
Cinnamon, milk , cinnamon is not only useful in cooking, but also as a remedy for headaches, this drink is simple can be done by adding a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in the morning and evening to a cup of milk free of fat and boil for two minutes, and you can add a tablespoon of honey; and drink it at least twice a day when suffering from headaches. Ginger drink ginger helps in reducing migraine headaches, and ginger helps to overcome a bout of nausea associated with migraines. Drink chamomile tea (camomile), contain compounds that help reduce pain and relax your mind .. drink mint as a teaspoon of dry mint on a cup of hot water or Audin of fresh mint with hot water and covered ten minutes and drink, help to relieve pain associated with the headache. Clove oil you can put a few drops of clove oil on the place of pain and gently massage and sit in a dark and quiet place until the pain goes.

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