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How to get rid of fleas completely (ways to get rid of fleas)

How to get rid of fleas completely (ways to get rid of fleas)
The problem of the presence of fleas in the house that leads to the ills of multiple on the lives of people in the house you are in solutions, fleas may be present in the house anywhere, such as carpets or mattresses or inside places where stored House cabinets, or anywhere else you find fleas appropriately have found him then multiply and spread in the house if you did not fight the right and proper ways to dispose of them, therefore today offer you some of the ways to get rid of fleas completely.
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Ways to get rid of fleas final

1. Soap dishes:
Try this trick to get rid of fleas. Placesmall dish of water in every room, and additcup of soap dishes, each dish place inmiddlesmall candle. Fleasattracted to lightcandle, soap dishes and kills fleas and get ridthem. The best way, security is to try this trick in just one room every night,orderremain nextcandle and burn and it is for reserve and for safety. Be sure to keep pets and children outroom while you do this.
2. Spray Herbs:
Avoid using them and instead use herbs to get rid of fleas harsh chemicals. Mixcup of water with halfcup of vinegar withadditionlemon juice andlittle ofmagic herb Alhazl. And then sprayed all overhouse, withwashing everything can be washedhot water. And repeat it when needed.
3. Salt:
Sprinkle salt soft ground oncarpet and all overhouse, and then sweepcarpet andfloor usingbroom Almehrbaiah after 12:48 hours. This method kills fleas, but do not eliminate the flea larvae. Salt is versatile and can be used in many ways at home component.
rosemary eliminates fleas and can use rosemary oil or rosemary powder. To get rid of fleas in pets such asdog, placefew drops of rosemary oil on his neck. And also it can bathe dogs in water rosemary. And Hank and other capacity then sprinkle this Alboudr aroundhouse, this method expels fleas, but do not kill them.
5. Spray lemon and rosemary:
recipe again easy to get rid of fleas. Inlarge bowl put 6 slices of lemon andlittle rosemary herbs, boil the ingredients withliter of waterthen add 3-4 drops of geranium oil. Coverpot forentire night, and inmorningfiltermixture and placed inbottle Alaasebrai andused to get rid of fleas.
6. Steronilla oil (is oneessential oils extracted fromleaves and stalks lemon tree)
Alcetrunela oil isoil repellent for fleas, and mixed withhost of other oils to get rid ofmites completely. Added 20 Steronilla drop of oil with 10 drops of tea tree oil, 10 drops of lemon oil with five drops of geranium oil withcup of warm water. Sprinkle this mixture all overhouse and repeat as needed
7-apple horse ( a type of orange):
disconnectfruithorseapplehalf and placed in allrooms and inentrancehouse, this fruit kills fleas and also other types of insects, and its effect lasts for 2-3 months at home
8. Castor Oil:
to get rid of fleas in pets such as dogs and cats. Add 3neckpet or the ring. You can use lavender oil instead of castor oil. These essential oils are safe treatment for pets to get rid of fleasconditionUse moderate This methodused once a week.
9 , apple cider vinegar:
is used to get rid of fleas in dogs. For every 40 pounds of weightdog, addsmall hanging of apple cider vinegar to a bowl your dog water every time you Bgier water. This method destroys the fleas and enhance the dogoverall health
10. Lemon juice
is a natural treatment for dogs and cats to get rid of fleas. Add lemon slices to the pot of boiling waterthen coverwater forwhole night. The next day, placehair brush in boiling waterlemonand body hair combed your pet. You can usesponge ifpet short hair
11. Spray vinegar:
Mixcup of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar withquart of water, and also add 2-3 drops of lavender oil, stirmixture well and put inbottle Spray. Spray pets and avoidareaeye, nose, ear, or usepiece of cloth soaked in water with vinegar and wipe aroundneck and behindears instead of spraying.
12. herb mint:
herb mint isgreat solutionand very good to get rid of fleas. Plantherb mint ingarden or nextareawhich he plays your pets. It should be noted children and pets when playing nextherb mint, herbs because theytoxicboth humans and animals wheneat.
It can also be put tea bags with dried herbs in all parts of the house to evict fleas, but put it in a high place so as not to arrive children or pets. You can also put drops of peppermint oil on the dog's collar or installation bags of dried herbs with the ring. If you notice symptoms of itching and scratching, or the appearance of any allergic pet signs, immediately dispose of the ring

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