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how to do a restore (factory set) for the iPhone

how to do a restore (factory set) for the iPhone

The iPhone: A device produced by Apple, and is one of the months smartphones. And the fastest
Presented by the CEO of Apple Steve Jobs in 2007 and was the cause of the wealth owned by his company and for the company to form attractive and easy to use program. Tempted device is unprecedented and its programs infinite in many areas Apple has released several models, all achieved a resounding acclaim.
As the device is a wonder of modern equipment for the modus operandi of many restore to retrieve a new device.

Restor the modus operandi for the iPhone

restore way  :

You must have Lalai iTunes program, and then switch the device
Press the power button until you see the screen locks.

Device closed withdraw existing tape you have.
Then wait for about 60 seconds to make sure it has completely shut down.
Press the button and home button together for 10 seconds
-Must Commitment of time, use the clock seconds then lift your finger off the power only and keep your finger on the home button to see a message from the iTunes program chose Lalai
Then the panel, press the keys
Then press restore Windows from iTunes
Then from the keyboard 
And Restore
From  (Mac)

Then choose fremeur loaded from the top
Then click on

The program will automatically work restore and will extend for several stages:

The first stages: Extracting Software
Second stage: Preparing iPhone For Restore
Third: Preparing iPhone Software For Restore
It is the fourth: Restoring iPhone Software
The fifth: Verifying iPhone Software
Finally, sixth: Restoring iPhone Firmware

Then you will see a message that the process has successfully restor
Ped pressing

After that you will see a screen the iPhone Pal
Emergency Call ..

If your device is fully open then enter a SIM card arrived the iPhone ..
The computer's iTunes software will Tfiek Yvonne
And exit message telling you that your iPhone has been activated ..
But when un blocking 'll give you another one, click on
And you'll also see a message from iTunes says it has been activated on your device Press
The program will ask you if you want to re-annotating and backing up because of your device safe online experience and guarantee Choose
Set As a New iPhone
Then chose
Rename your device
Develop appropriate settings, and then select Done

Here Alristur will be completed

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