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How to do Jailbreak for iPhone

How to do Jailbreak for iPhone

The way to do jailbreak for the iPhone

Important note
Do not forget to take a backup, "Pak father" and that by any iTunes-Claude Do this by doing the following evidence.
This jalilbreak available only for:
IPod Touch 3G and 4G iPhone 3GS / 4S / 4 iPad 3/2/1
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The Absunthe 2.0 tool based Bjeelbraik unrestricted The Absinthe 2.0 tool supports only iOS 5.1.1 so that the version you have iOS 5.1 or less than that, then you have to immediately update for iOS 5.1.1 by means of iTunes or through the device itself (with the exception of accompanies unlock).
Important note
The Gtkhazk resolution Paljalbraik do is your decision and you follow the following procedures will be at your own risk.
Step One: Download 4Absinthe 2.0 program you'll find on the internet.
Step Two: After downloading the program, you must run the program by clicking it twice, but for Windows users must run the program in Administrator mode, by pressing the right hand on the program icon and then choose "Run as Administrator" option)
Step Three: After you run the program, then the delivery of the iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch device or computer that you want
Important note :
Before moving on to the following step, make sure you disable the "Password" of on your own, by going to the settings .. then .. then in the access code lock .. then stop ..
Step Four: In this step the program should reveal your own computer and determined, as well as version, and when undisclosed you have to click on the word "Jailbreak" Once you click on them will begin steps jailbreak and then it will show some steps, such as Beginning jailbreak and Sending initial jailbreak data and other steps.
The previous process may take 5 to 10 minutes.
Step Five: In the end you will see a message with "Done Enjoy", and then you can close the program.
Step Six: You will see in this step cedya icon in one of your pages, and here you can enjoy the install tools and applications.
Important Notes:
If you encounter any obstacles or delay Ohomchakl Make 'restor' 'from iTunes, do not forget that you are here to take back up before work restor, after the completion of the previous steps. You can then restore the backup from iTunes.
If you encounter problems or delays in jalilbreak here you have to go to Settings and then .. in .. then reset .. and then erase all content and settings .. also remember to take a backup and then you can perform steps jalilbreak.
For the black screen and writings, while appearing and disappearing, you can simply go back to the folder in which the tool jalibreak there and then opened it and then will work with you

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