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How to clear the songs from the iPhone

How to clear the songs from the iPhone

if you need extra space and you want to delete some of the music files and songs, or for some other reason, there are several ways to be followed on the iPhone the iPhone, we'll Ptodahaa this subject on the version iOS7.

iOS is the seventh major version of your operating system with the iPhone designed by Apple Inc., which preceded and followed by a copy iOS6 version iOS8. According to statistics, a copy iOS7 been installed on 90% of devices that support iOS system, and the current version 7.1.2 was launched in 30.06.2014.
Faced iOS7 system users of the problem in dealing with the music and get rid of the sections or albums that are no longer needed, because it is linked to your account on iTunes, and you can listen to those sections without loaded on your phone, so find a cloud that seen by Cloud mark. But there is a solution to get rid of those musical passages that are no longer their need, by following the following methods:
First, must be examined whether the iTunes Match available (enabled) or not, through the Control Panel settings, you'll find "iTunes & App Stores option" drag, if enabled, and his grandmother will not be able to delete the music from the iPhone. Ped stop it to become his Off. Also you must go to the Music option in the Control Panel settings and convert "Show All Music" button to Off.
Then went to the Music app Music App by clicking on the icon in the main interface (music player). List of songs and music that you own will appear, slide the section you want to delete the left, you will see the Delete option for that song, and when you click on them will be deleted. If you want to delete the entire album, this option is available in version iOS7 as it was in iOS6. So you'll have to delete a song a song from that album.
If you encounter problems on iOS7 system if the passages again returns after delete, do the following:
1 - Go to Settings and then to Music option to Show All Music and around to On.
2. Go to the iTunes store and click on "Purchased" and "Music". And re - descend any song / songs clip you are trying to delete them or delete them previously.
 3 - After the download is completed, restart step # 1 and around option to Off. 
4. Open the music (music player), and move the song you want to delete and then left the Delete option. In this case , it will not come back again , God willing.
And so on for iOS6 system with the ability to delete an album and all the music, and you can also delete music through mobile arrived to your computer and linked to iTunes store and go to the synchronization options Sync Settings and choose Remove and Sync.
The other way, which is not favored by many a clear all the data on the phone, and Baltaa are deleted music files including, but lose the other hand all your data on your phone.

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