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How to change your iPhone ringtone

How to change your iPhone ringtone
The iPhone devices do not allow the average user to choose its own ring tone and put the iPhone with ease, and many wonder about how to change the tone of the iPhone? Both ask about changing the tone iPhone will find the answer here.
Perhaps I tried clicking on the options for a song, and did not find among these options (the use of this tune as a ringtone for the phone), as seen in other phones.
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But today we will give you a way to let you choose any tone degradation, and selected private phone ringing tone, with ease.
Just follow the steps described and detailed fully detailed, step by step.

The way to change the tone of the iPhone, using your own tone:

1. We downloaded the famous program (iTunes).
2. After download and install a program on your computer, open it.
3. Connect your iPhone to a PC or laptop, and then all the way and USB connection.
4. will be recognized on your iPhone directly, click on the option (Songs) from the list above.
5. From the upper left of the list, make sure that the option is (Music).
6. Now every musical your songs this list, if you want to add a song, simply dragging them from your device, and dropping it in this list within the program.
7. click on the song you want to put tone for your iPhone right mouse.
8. choose option (Get Info).
9. choose tab (Options) from the top of the list.
10. We will now appear in the center of the screen information, including (Start Time) and (Stop Time).
11. make the start time of 12:00 and the time of suspension on 0:29 so that no more than 29 seconds.
12. put pressure on the (Ok).
13. We go to the same song and pressing the right mouse button, too, but this time we will choose it (Create AAC Version).
14. Now we will show a new version of the song, directly beneath the same name, but the only difference is in the time, Valjdidh time is 29 seconds, we withdraw the latter, and drop them in the desktop, for example.
15. delete a song that we have with making (of 29 seconds), and that of the iTunes program (by clicking the right mouse button and choose Delete it, then OK).
16. We go now to the song that we copied to the desktop, and push the right mouse button, and choose (renaming).
17. We change stretch of the song (m4a) to (m4r) and not to delete the point on the formula before.
Important / NOTE Some of you will not be able to see the extension of the song when you attempt to rename (Fletba way by the end of the explanation to solve this problem).
14. pressing Enter then Sitabanna making sure to change the stretch, we agree and then clicking on the (use m4r)
15. From the list above put pressure on the (Music) and choose instead (Tones).
16. Now we withdraw the modified song (from the desktop) into this list in the program.
17. Ellen's go from the top menu of the main option (iPhone) and then choose (Info).
18. We put the signal in the box next to the song that Adlnaha just the name (which we want to make it tone), which find them within the program.
19. push the button (Apply) then (Sync).
Now we are waiting for the end of the program from the synchronization process.
Then we open our device the iPhone and go to (Settings and then votes Ringing tone).
Now you will find your tone is within the basic tones that can be selected with ease to make it the main ring tone in the phone

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