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How do I know if my phone hacked

How do I know if my phone hacked

How do I know if my mobile observer

breakthroughs and viewings have increased in this period, and has become a lot of those things threaten our security and threaten our own lives, and some of them will monitor our devices and take them information and data, and the problem is when those private information or be somewhat secret, canvassers threat to financial and commercial goals, are not aware of not doing it! , one reason only and may be a financial reason, do you forget that this will expose them to punishment from God, and he also would decrease would in the community, not doing so stupid! , the role would come to them someday, but the problem is that many think that we can not find out who is monitoring the mobile or other devices, and but we can know if the observer or not, and then we take the Exercise caution and necessary, how we can learn , and we know that the phone is unattended or not? For example , the wrong way thought by many to reveal whether the mobile observers or not, who shall communicate on our mobile number and before putting the figure put No. 9 of the same mobile chip, the contacted normally mobile observer, but if you gave it closed is non - penetrative and that the wrong way, but to see if an observer or not you should note resonance when you connect one was ringing repeated twice, and he also may hear an echo, and in normal circumstances a person can not be required to monitor mobile phone to the difficulty of it, but watched the government and stakeholders so, and to protect your mobile phone from the control you have to work formic him all the period of protection, as there are many programs have been designed especially for devices android we have to warn them, because many of them have reasons to penetrate, so we must not download random programs , knowing that all fiber programs and Skype and whatsupp  ugust monitored by the designers have, so we take care of talk on these programs and to be wary that does not put us those words are in trouble we can not get out of it, and also that there are some applications, especially devices android may reveal whether the mobile observers or not, and still science in the evolution to now and then, and I think that the safety story of the devices, as well as the story of breakthroughs and the whole observation will evolve quickly with technological development, what we only caution all of those stories and do to protect mobiles devices such intrusions and the use of his programs for the protection and avoid downloading unreliable source software from Web sites or e - store

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