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Best natural herbs to treat infertility

Best natural herbs to treat infertility
We offer you a guide to the use of herbs for infertility treatment and obtain the necessary information. Because it was found on a group of herbs that support reproductive health issues. This is because the diet is essential in the treatment of infertility, some women may notice better results when using these herbs in the treatment of infertility.
Herbs to treat infertility 1
Sterility of the most difficult and arduous journeys problems need to be a long time until you get the desired results may journey eventually lead to injury depression and tension has become a complex of modern fertility treatments more expensive. But the natural treatment appropriate for many individuals roads and remember all the cultures and traditions of the use of natural herbs to increase fertility and eliminate infertility It is a list of effective herbs and used since ancient times.

Herbs to treat infertility

1sweet Potato:
Wild yam to increase progesterone works and this helps the body in the treatment of infertility. But you should not eat this grass , but after a period of ovulation until it becomes effective grass in the treatment of infertility. Even if the reports proved that the herb fertility and pregnancy in a twin.

2. nettle:
Nettle of the best herbs to cure infertility in men and women because it does feed the uterus in women. It enhances the grass of the total jobs, the adrenal gland. When women's use of nettle to keep the baby as soon as the pregnancy occurs. You can eat this grass as a warm tea and eat one cup or two per day. This grass is rich in vitamin K, which helps Xiaodhhalib breast.
3. Red Clover:
Red clover Alajaat natural infertility is an excellent contains a high amount of calcium and magnesium so, help you get to increase fertility. This grass supports the ability of women to conceive through the glandular system support. This goes a long way in the grass to increase women's ability to conceive.
4. Asparagus:
Asparagus is one of the best herbs to increase fertility in women and infertility treatment proved effective in the treatment of more than 40 million cases. The use of this grass roots tonic to the reproductive system of Oncio balancing hormones.
It also works to strengthen the flow of breast milk and improve fertility in women and strengthen the mucous membranes that prevent threatened abortion.
5. Red berries:
Red raspberry leaf herb is rich in calcium is used as a tonic to the womb and thus it is an herb fertility effective for the treatment of infertility. To enhance raised this grass you can use it with other herbs such as red clover.
6. herb black cohosh:
It is known that the herb black cohosh herbal anti But remember to use the herb during the first half of the menstrual cycle and stop ovulation.
7. herb Vitex agnus-castus:
Ali called the herb Vitex agnus Btabieih case motivates this grass pituitary function mainly treat dysmenorrhea problems, irregular ovulation.
8.zi Evening Primrose:
It improves evening primrose oil cervical problems and create Mwaitah environment for a fertilized egg. Because this oil is rich in omega

 9.shabh Dong Kai:
This herb from Chinese herbs renowned as a tonic for the blood of these features have blood iron formation and vitamin B-6 and vitamin B-12. Thus, the properties of this herb is organizing the menstrual cycle, but should not be taken during the menstrual cycle so as not to cause the blood to clot.
10. licorice roots:
Licorice roots work wonderful moderator and promotes the secretion of mucous membrane and strengthen the hormonal balance by supporting and endocrine. Thus it addresses the various infertility problems.
11. African yohimbine :
The yohimbine alkaloid compound found in the bark of an evergreen in West Africa. It is defined as a natural Viagra. Most studies indicate that the bark of the yohimbine helps increase the ability to have an erection and improve it. And so researchers say that Yomraa normal.
 12. Marchillmo:
Herbs palliative and stimulates the production of mucous Aloashah offers you the proper support needed for the production of mucus and infertility treatment with fertility strengthened.
 13. Kherog oil: 
When applying castor oil on the belly in a circular motion is used to promote blood circulation and promote healing of tissues and organs easily located under the skin ..
14. ginkgo leaves :
It contains a high proportion of antioxidants that increase blood circulation and treat erectile dysfunction.
Cinnamon reduce heavy menstrual bleeding while improving blood circulation to the reproductive system and thus, improve the healing of tissue crowded.

16. roots Almaka: it is proven that individuals who use their roots Almaka works to increase libido and get healthy sperm. It helps to facilitate the movement of the sperm.
Other tips to treat infertility:
Quit smoking :
This is because the cigarettes contain chemicals that contribute to the reduction of testosterone and can be smoking reduces sperm count and affect the movement of the sperm.
Taking enough sleep :
When you get enough sleep helps to increase fertility. This is because lack of sleep can increase cortisol levels in the blood and found that this would lead to a reduction of testosterone can contribute to calcification of the arteries which increases Khtaralasabh heart disease, diabetes.
Eating fruits and vegetables :
Studies have shown that the anti-oxidants in the material that are found in fruits and vegetables increase fertility so I have to deal with adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables such as spinach or broccoli are the vegetables that works to increase fertility and sperm count.
Attention to diet:
Diet has a significant effect on the sperm's health and fertility in men, and because the healthy foods help increase sperm speed. Therefore, the changes can you make to your diet affect fertility and fertility Here's a list of the necessary increase in men in nutrients and should add to your diet:
 Zinc :calfliver oyster beef, lamb, venison, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, yogurt, turkey, green peas, shrimp ..
 Selenium : found in the following foods nuts, cod, tuna, salmon, shrimp, turkey, mushrooms.
Vitamin C : various fruits, vegetables, berries, cabbage, tomatoes, citrus fruits.
Vitamin E:  sunflower seeds, almonds, olives, spinach, papaya, dark vegetables, liver, lentils, beans, roasted beans, asparagus, caviar, fish, crab, beef, lamb, cheese, eggs

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