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Wonderful recipes for whitening teeth from home

Wonderful recipes for whitening teeth from home

wonderful recipes for whitening teeth of the house we offer to you of the code of social life, teeth whitening from home without having to go to the doctor all you need is to follow the roads and implemented on an ongoing basis and you will , God willing , on the teeth whiter than white, we leave you with the most beautiful witch recipes for teeth whitening from home
Now Basttaek Etbid teeth and get a nice, clean white teeth whiter and shiny with ease and facilitates and without any inconvenience and trouble by following the method necessary and best way is to use several Tababaah components and the Pthoudreha and warm up in the house in order to get white teeth glistening
Method of whitening teeth naturally: -
 Images search for a recipe Educate yourself tooth whitening result


First: - Recipe lemon juice to whiten your teeth: -

Use this recipe follows, lemon juice works to get rid of yellow teeth and give it color white shiny as you can play by mixing a tablespoon of lemon with a pinch of sodium bicarbonate, and then the brushes teeth a good brushing for 10 minutes of this mixture and then washes your teeth with warm water.
Second: - Recipe Olive oil: -

you clean your teeth through Qatanna olive oil or through the toothbrush and the olive oil, then wash the teeth directly, where she works is also a recipe olive oil to prevent bleeding gums.
Third: - Recipe bay leaves: -
This method is used to grind bay leaves and then add a bit of orange peel over it in order to get a mixture thereof and then washes the teeth every day, with this mixture also works to get a strong result in tooth whitening.
Third: The recipe apple cider vinegar: -
Mixing a little of apple cider vinegar on the amount of sodium bicarbonate in order to get a paste and then washes his teeth twice each day to get a better result.

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