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what is the deep web and the dark web

what is the deep web and the dark web

very valuable information on everything you wanted to know about the Internet and online deep dark of the code of social life , the entire definition of the so - called online deep deep wep, and the full definition of the Internet 's darker side dark wep.
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Did you know? That there is a large section of the web is hidden and can not be reached from regular search engines and browsers .
This part of the Internet known as the " Deep Web Deep Web " is the largest of about 500 times from the Web as we know it .
What is the deep Web  ?
It referred deep web data that are not indexed by the search engines like normal Yahoo, Bing and Google .
Indicates " deep Web " for all web pages that can not for search engines to find, such as user databases, Date fields, board directors and other controllers .
From here some confused between the concept Deeb Web and between another concept , a Dark Web or Dark the Net , some believed that Deeb Web and Dark Web Achirat the same meaning, but that is wrong .
What is the Dark Web ?
It is where users can work with others without being able to follow them, so as to allow them to work without revealing his identity .
Internet dark, is much smaller than the deep Web, it contains different types of sites that sell drugs and weapons, and even can be hired to kill him, and usually end up addresses Url for sites that exist in the Internet dark b . onion.
These sites websitename.onion are not archived by the search engines, and access to it must use special software, including the famous browser ' The Onion Browser, ' abbreviated to the TOR.
TOR is free, and anyone can download it free of charge .
However, users can also access the Internet from the dark during the regular browsers without the need to use a different browser Tor.
How deep can surf the web without the use of TOR ?
Search engines like Google, are incredibly strong, but they do not crawl and index the vast amount of data that does not have a hyperlink .
However, there are search engines in deep Internet, creeps through the Tor network, and you archive and show some results in the normal browser .
Some search engines in the dark Online :
Some search engines in the deep online :
Importance of TOR ?
It is worth mentioning, that just because users use the network TOR is not considered illegal practice, but it Mtherh questionable, as it is a refuge security for many journalists and researchers ... and others in the towns that are subject to Qrbabh severe in order to hide the real title , geographic location, and that is exchanged personal information as confidential .
Also it increased the importance of using Tor after Snowden 's comments in the past years, for violation of the US Agency for National Security José user .
With a network TOR , users can surf the Internet over the Internet, without the feeling of fear .
But this network is a key target for the intelligence agencies .
What Internet addition dark?
According to a recent study conducted by researchers Daniel Moore and Thomas Reid, Vic book Cryptopolitik and the Darknet , they found that 57% of the contents of the Internet 's darker side, are the contents of the unauthorized , such as pornography, drugs, arms trade, exchange of currency counterfeit, and many others .
Nevertheless, it is illegal content, but there are many reasons the dark to use the Internet

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