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The best ways for your child's education

The best ways for your child's education

righteous son 's dream and wish every mother and father, goodness be planted morality in the child since his early years, education Asalahh do not be orders, laws and even acquired a child than around him and sees embodied in the actions of their parents, and then in the surrounding environment, and in most Alehian be way innate education in the sense that right and wrong intuitive things , but in these days has become so as varied Almoizian and different views about right and wrong, we find a lot of mothers and fathers looking for ways of raising children and Tencothm Tencoh together, so we learn in the following lines , the best of those roads, which may be is the most useful and the most viable for our children.

Images search for the correct methods of child-rearing as a result
Best ways of successful child-rearing:
1. pursue a balanced pattern in Education: Some believe that issuing commands authoritarian and dictatorial in dealing with children, the resort sometimes to violence to impose control is the ideal solution in education and obedience, but quite the contrary, this method affect the child 's personality, self - confidence, and reflects on the dealings and actions with others, as well as leniency absolute is not the solution as it makes the child does not respect the laws, rules, and is committed to ethics and community habits, but the solution is the disposition and education balanced, it must be dealt leniency beams together, after the border and contraband put the wrong actions of others undesirable with the interpretation and said good reasons.
2. Parental Control for their actions: No utter always parents Basah and error, contraband and then either of those acts, but to conform to the rules of education, reflected a clear Nasrvathm, it is the mirror that learn from the child since birth and even Jasper mature.
3. respect for the parents to each other: the father and mother role model son so they must keep their respect for each other, whatever the differences with them, and that you may pass on any marital relationship, but without exchanging insults and Alovaz of prey do not even reflected concern for the child 's personality, his sense of insecurity, loss his respect for his parents or their hatred.
4. Respect for the child in front of others: from the mistakes that may be submitted by the parents said the disadvantages of the child and misses him or criticize his behavior in front of others than to embarrass the child, and shake the psychological composition, even grow spineless tends to be introverted, so you should not insult the child in front of a particularly his friends and peers, and let admonition and the account without the presence of strangers.
5. recognition and reward when success: whether this success semester or in his actions and behaviors , it is important to estimate the Son , and meanwhile it in order to continue these behaviors, and increasingly important to him, and there is no reward in recognition of his expression of his success.
6. Get used to debate and persuasion: This behavior development in the personality of children is of great benefit to his personality and his actions within the community, as accustomed to sharing and respect for the opinions of others, and lack of authoritarianism and dictatorship, and has long been a debate within the framework of respect and civilized manner , it is not a shame to be convinced parents ' views Jr. .
7. Child freedom granted some thing: After establishing sound principles in the personality of the children do not mind a sort of freedom in choosing friends, choosing hobbies, and through education, clothing and other monitor with remote, steering if necessary.
8. put constants and the border: instilling these points in the child since childhood something important, as were the means by which secure the parents' him, as not sticking point when it turns away a child deviates from those constants, he learns what can challenges and when, and where they can go out, and any friends picks and the like.
9. friendship between parents and children: the safety and closer way for children, as long as originated this friendship and reassured her son see him turn to his parents or one of them for advice, enabling parents to identify all it does the Son , and the direction that goes in, and timely intervention in an appropriate manner that keeps these friendship, it is also a fortress of departure son to strangers and ask for advice from them.
10. love and cuddle for personal together: reviews that seen her correct child need to feel love for his parents and Altgber all this love in words, not deeds only, because the child may not understand in certain Sunni stage meaning of behavior and emotional ones and purpose, and the auctioneer as well as develop Ohsasas children and increases their association with parents, and it builds personalities together does not lack of love and compassion and is looking for outside the family, which may be wrong sometimes.

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