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Solve the problem of personal weakness in girls - How do you become a strong girl personal

Solve the problem of personal weakness in girls - How do you become a strong girl personal

Many women feel weak personal and our society is ashamed of the most important weakness of women 's personal attributes but do not worry , ma'am followers topic with us and Stwagen this problem , God willing ,

Weak women 's personal: It is well known that women may be half an incomplete need another half to complete, a woman dear reader weak object carries with it the heart of a slender full of tenderness and affection, always trying to look for the other half , which is complemented by , women pulse of life God has created a symbol of giving, sacrifice and altruism, but to be fair it must be aware that, dear reader , that the strength of a woman lies in the weakness and their need those contained estimated weaknesses, so that women who deliberately show its strength and its might be a sense of their own vulnerability may be authoritarian woman who always want to show their strength is much weaker vulnerable women originally in nature, weak woman is inherently possesses supernatural power to control around her, yes , do not be surprised , dear reader , weak woman find her happiness in control of the reins her intelligence and statesmanship female trainer to win any battle without liquefied blood of the martyrs, war of the weak woman cold war many may take time, but expected her to win the fight in the sense of success , love and a goat around the end

Strong women Personal: either Strong women of power and influence and strong personality have given only love and respect virtual than others, yes , do not be surprised , dear reader , and accuse me of exaggerating and exaggeration in the description of a strong women 's personal and look at the others to her, Opinions right outlook viewfinder of things strengthens the resolve of the women with a personal strong exciting making them for others , both built their sex or of the opposite sex, despite the differences be differentiated between males and females in identifying and describing personal strong woman , but there is only one response may be shared between males and females , which is that personal strong women are exciting personal concern and dread. Women of the sons of her sex may feel jealous and anxiety of status and power and influence, while the men begin to feel that the enjoyment by women of strong character may evoke their manhood, the man , dear reader , especially Eastern man has always used to be a leader, Wi encroach on the leadership role he considers encroach on his manhood, so you may We find a woman with strong personal Pthorha and her emotions exaggerated may lose the battle and closed around her entourage, and may be others it away either out of fear or awe or other, sometimes love them yes Do not be surprised , dear reader , may move away some people about women with strong personal love in recipes found in her character Vengdam shun them so they do not lose, women with strong character are seized with the case of power and domination are a horse untamed must search for Jammeh to control it, this , along with the strength of her character may earn hardening of opinion Kadijolha infringe on the rights of others , even so by expressing so despite the opinion Vsaanha and the strength of her character and the large flag is often found admired and love but ostensibly temporary

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