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How to control in protective jealousy on your husband

How to control in protective jealousy on your husband

's jealousy is not a bad thing, because it's normal to feel jealous from time to time so, Ante need to know tips to help you control the Gerik. But jealousy in increasing jealousy limit becomes a problem consume your energy and your feelings is also the direction of your partner. you for the need to live a quieter life with your partner. You can control the jealousy by following a set of simple tips that make a big difference in controlling the protective jealousy.
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Many women have the obsession with the other woman, even if they were in the past her husband's life. Then becomes a nightmare of jealousy in the life of husband and wife. And which may turn later to a serious disease, a disease of the doubt. And may be in the number of desire to own property, its time to be treating this problem. It is the most important careful not to mix between work and leisure, it is natural that surrounded spouse girls at work and it is possible to be a high degree of beauty, there's no reason to feel jealous, but Connie close to your husband, and Begin in authenticated to remain outspoken and always close to you and a lot of other tips that Thtagy to implement to enjoy a successful marital relationship.
What do you mean jealousy in romantic relationship?
When searching for the meaning of jealousy when women will find it is the fear of loss buil in the other because it fears lose and loss of self-respect that fear poses have feelings of insecurity.
Fear leads to jealousy and a lot of other emotions such as anger, hatred, disgust, despair. Therefore, Ante need to know to control jealousy ways and focus on spending time with your partner.
 Try to look at your relationships from the viewpoint of one of your friends:
Before attempting to create a problem with your partner because of jealousy, try looking at the problem from the viewpoint of one of your friends and see how they would react to this. In order to know if your reaction excessive or is it a natural reaction to the situation. This method can help you that things become clearer and is likely to prevent you from acting the wrong way because of jealousy.
 Increase confidence in your partner:
Do not try to take all the words cited by your partner as it lies on you. Remember that little trust is the cornerstone of any romantic relationship. And you provide the insult to your partner through constant questioning and the need to provide an interrogation to an ongoing basis. You must educate your partner in a period of time to fix your relationship.

 Stop comparing yourself to others:
Always going to be the motive behind the jealousy is low self You may Ttraud you questions like how can you love me, how can someone like him to be attracted to me? Of course, we may not understand the real reason behind our love for one people. So it should be for Dickey ability to appreciate the attractive qualities in you.
 You should be prepared to have your partner:
Always going to be the motive behind the jealousy is low self-esteem, but people who have may also suffer high to suffer from intense jealousy, especially if they always feel that they are the center of things and look for the pair as having one of their own property Once you make any conduct, whether a simple smile or mixing confidence level normal to others.
But your partner is not a property that fall under the Hracetk. Tendhisha may learn that when a person too much love must be the possibility of losing his sense of attachment because of anger, fear, jealousy expel love.
Remember the positive qualities you have:
You should always remember that jealousy is normal, but become a problem when they go on. When Ngll do any feeling of jealousy inside you trying to remember the positive qualities in you have to resist the feeling of jealousy and remember that each person has strengths and weaknesses points.
 Use your imagination to make you feel better, not worse:
You can turn a blind eye to relax the experience I think it exercises that make you feel more calm before attempting to take out of jealousy on the body irritated. Imagine yourself as soon as you like for calm and relaxed so you can control your feelings. You will be unable to control the jealousy.
 Find out the underlying cause of jealousy:
Determine the underlying cause of jealousy and determine why underlining that feeling you. May be the reason for jealousy is not to remember the pair on your date of birth or because it no longer supports you in the recent period. So instead of the revolution and it charges directly You can talk to him calmly Once you understand the reason behind this act you can resist the feeling of intense jealousy.
 The face of jealousy:

Thtagy to speak directly about jealousy and prevent control of the emotional relationships. You can share your life partner, your feelings Try it without throwing accusations. Just asked him to provide a clear explanation, such as feel insecure to do this act. You can eliminate this feeling through a request from the husband that shares his experiences during the day through communication.
 Control stress:
Jealousy is often a response to stress and if you really Conti is keen to avoid this feeling Aliki sure to do exercising, proper nutrition, meditation or yoga in order to get more support all of these things are likely to wonderful effect in controlling occur feelings of jealousy.
 Setting limits:
If Conti Tsaba day and night concerned the husband and evaluating chased him all day through contacts and emails ,, need to look at taking a break from all of these behaviors. You can talk directly with the husband about your fears and Anke need to check on him and agreed with him on the way to communicate together while away from the home

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