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How is trade operations contraband online

How is trade operations contraband online
all wondering how the trade operations of contraband on the Internet , although he is no strict censorship on the Internet , offer you the day of the Code of social life explanation of the most important means by which trade arms, organs and drugs and other contraband on online without supervision .. Internet the dark , or the so - called global " the Dark web" , is the world market for the goods illegally from anywhere in the world, strongly grown over the past years, governments and security agencies and declared their inability to control or stop dealing through him, to enable its users to buy and sell various kinds of cargo illegal anonymously, can not one knows who is the seller or the buyer and this is the secret that makes it a place to trade suspicious, led by drug and arms, can not be accessed on the dark web normally but on the individual that uses encrypted networks like tor that make you surf in Hefei, which is developed by the US Navy for the protection of military intelligence , the Internet and then became a guerrilla force on the Internet . Location within the " Dark Web " divided in a professional way by which conduct operations beginning of the presentation of cargo to finish, and the payment is not through bank accounts can be tracked and knowledge of their owners, but will be using electronic currency called " Bitcoin " and does not accept to other .

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The first trade " drug "

The most widespread on the dark Internet item is a drug, and because circulating large is very difficult on the ground quantities, dealers and drug users resort to this kind of sites for drug purchase securely company can not follow them, there are more than 50 A - list for the sale of drugs of various kinds such as marijuana and cocaine beads, lsd and cannabis, and 35 another kind of drug, and there are these goods usually at a lower price than it is on the ground, and there are resellers offering the buyer drug delivery to the door of the house is very safe, but here prices start to rise, and this transport Using a third party receives goods and delivers it in Hefei, it has become customary to between drug users Although the drug sale locations old only four years, but it is remarkably successful in attracting dealers and drug users, according to a recent survey of the world market the drug for the year 2015 , about 10 % - 15 % of drug users in the United Kingdom and the United States and Australia , purchase it from the black Internet directly, and these statistics is ticking alarm bell, because the young people began to rely on means more safety for the drug away from the eyes of governments and currencies no one can follow, especially as dark locations warns users of dangerous goods , which can cause damage to their security and threaten the safety of customers .

The economic reports published by the site qz US that the drug trade on the dark web has become a very prosperous and check millions of dollars and more, and currencies Alpetkoan which is considered the backbone of the trade on the dark web has become a legitimate form of some major sites .

Trade secret weapon for terrorists

Comes up arms in its different forms in second place on the dark web and is classified into multiple lists starting from small pistols to Kalashnikovs and machine guns and small and bombs and devices smart crackers, and not only that but there are pages for the sale of ammunition of all kinds and forms, according to a report published recently on the site techinsider British The Internet dark assists in the promotion of arms between private citizens in countries that impose strict rules on the sale and possession of a weapon , such as France and others, so citizens become a resort for the site , which includes tens of thousands of private armed pages, all that the user did enter and search and payment via the purchase button, It was to involve more than a web site dark in the terrorist attacks that occur where the extremists are getting arms through the sites secretly without a identity is known at all, and at the Paris attacks , closed a number of sites on top Nucleus your guns section for fear of tracking, the most famous weapons which is sold through the dark web is the weapon of choice for Daesh such as " Kalashnikov AK - 47s" is available at the secret encrypted web dark at a price of 1500 euros, and the weapon is not sold in large quantities on the dark web , but will definitely unlike drugs and this because of the difficulty Plug and transportation 

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